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Eagles Cheerleaders Around Town

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Thursday Evening was “Family Fun Night” at Forman Mills in the Great Northeast. Lots of Eagles apparel on sale and appearances by Eagles players, Swoop and two of the Eagles Cheerleaders.

Rookie Alicia and Three-year veteran Allison

Allison has a BS in Biology and Chemistry from North Carolina State University. She’s also one of the Eagles Cheerleaders who competed in the NFL Cheerleader Playoffs.

Alicia lists “poker player” as one of her professions.

Sunday afternoon fans gathered at Casey’s Restaurant and Saloon in Drexel Hill for the Miller Lite Away Game Party.

On hand to cheer the Eagles on against the 49ers were 1st-year Cheerleaders Vittoria and Amanda N. Vittoria is a Varsity Cheerleading Instructor and a student at LaSalle University.

Amanda N. is a Communications and Mass Media student at West Chester University.

Wearing Two Uniforms

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

(This page was last updated 4/28/08 with the latest on Jana)

Being a professional cheerleader: Very Cool!

Serving your country in the military: Very, Very Cool!

Doing both: Words fail me.

On this page we recognize and show our appreciation for those who both cheer and serve.

Adriana - United States Air Force- Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Ambassadors
After graduating high school Adrianna enlisted in the U.S Air Force and she has been been proudly serving on active duty for eight years. She’s also currently pursuing a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

April - United States Army - Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders - Chesapeake Tidal Wave Dance Team - Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Ambdassadors

April is an 8-year member of the US Army. She initially joined the military in 1998 as an Financial Analyst and has had the opportunity to visit places such as Korea, Canada, Germany, Hawaii, Japan and various places across the U.S. From repelling out of helicopters and to qualifying on various assault weapons, to providing her fellow soldiers with financial management assistance, her tenure in the military has been nothing short of rewarding.

April’s decision to join the Army came with her aspiration to give back society and to do something totally different from what her family and friends had done after graduating high school. She has to admit, it was a bit terrifying but was nonetheless confident in her decision. April believed that it would yield a great reward in the end and what was once a sacrifice, has turned into a window of opportunity and a remarkable experience!

While April’s tenure in the Army is approaching an end, one thing she will definitely take with her on her life’s next chapter is a profound outlook on life! “We have so much to be thankful for in life and sometimes it’s taken for granted. My time in the military has taught me a lot and I have learned to embrace all that I am blessed with, and WITHOUT.”

April is a graduate of the Univ. of Maryland with a degree in Business Administration, as well as a degree in Management. She was a 2 year veteran of the MISL Champions, the Baltimore Blast and was co-captain for the 2005-2006 season.

Carla- United States Navy - Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders
According to Carla’s bio at

I joined the Navy after college to be a fighter pilot. After going to OCS, they threw me out because I couldn’t figure out how to take a shower and get ready in fewer than five minutes. Just kidding! I actually had poor depth perception which eliminated me from the flight program.

2006 is Carla’s 2nd season with the Falcons Cheerleaders.

Danielle, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
Danielle - United States Marine Corps - Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Danielle cheered for the Eagles in 2007. She’s a Psychology student at Philadelphia University and plays in a band. We hope to learn more about her time in the Marines later in the season.

Erin - United States Army Reserve - Buffalo Jills
Erin is a graduate of Buffalo State College. She served was a Sergeant and nine-year veteran of the US Army Reserve and served in Gulf War I. She represented the Buffalo Jills at the 2002 Pro Bowl.

Updated 9/6/06: Erin is now a coach with the NLL Buffalo Bandettes

Jana - United States Air Force - Oakland Raiderettes
Originally from Sulphur, Louisiana, Jana attended Copiah-Lincoln Community College, in Wesson, Mississippi, where she began working on a degree in business management. She is a member of the United States Air Force and is involved in the Air Force Sergeants Association, the “Voice of the Enlisted.” Jana currently works as a radiology technologist at a military hospital. 2007 is her second year with the Raiderettes.

Read more about Jana here.

Update: In April of 2008 Jana deployed to Afghanistan.

Jany - United States Navy - San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush
Born in Brazil, Jany grew up in San Francisco and learned tap, ballet and jazz. She graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1998 with a mathematics degree and earned her wings in 2000 as a P-3 pilot. While at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., she decided to try out for the cheerleading team, using her free time, with the Navy’s permission. Jany cheered for the 49ers for 2 seasons. She represented the Gold Rush at the 2005 Pro Bowl.

More on Jany here.

Jessica, WRC Ambassador
Jessica - United States Air Force Reserve - United States Navy - Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Ambassadors
Jessica was enlisted in the Air Force for nearly 4 years, and then received a direct commission as an officer in the Navy.

Back when she was with the Air Force Jessica said ittaught her so many lessons that she carries with her in her civilian life, and has really shown her what she’s made of. Prior to trying out for the Ambassador team, she was impressed with the Redskins organization because of all of their involvement with USO tours and other military support. She knew that this is something she wanted to be a part of.

More on Jessica: She was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill.”

Jessica, Buffalo Bandettes
Jessica - United States Navy - Buffalo Bandettes

Jessica enlisted after high school and spent four years (2003-07) on active duty in the Navy, six months of it as a boatswain’s mate aboard the USS Carl Vinson.

Talking about her time in the service Jessica says, “I dropped anchor, moored the ropes to the piers, was in force protection and stood watch with a .50 caliber. I’d stand watches all over the ship and worked transferring cargo and fuel from ship to ship. We were on a support mission and our planes did go to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Jessica is in the Individual Ready Reserves until 2010 and could be called up at any time.

Kelly - United States Air Force - Buffalo Jills
Kelly served nine and a half years of active duty for the Air Force. 2006 is Kelly’s 5th season with the Jills - the third as captain.

Marcia, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader
Marcia - United State Marine Corps - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders
Marcia was a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader for 4 years (1998-2001), a Captain and a member of the Showteam. Marcia says, “After my husband and kids, the Marine Corps and Cheerleading are the two best things to ever happen to me.”

Marisa - New York Air National Guard - Buffalo Jills
Marisa is a senior airman with the security forces squadron of the 107th Air Refueling Wing. She was also a Buffalo Jill for the 2000 and 2003 seasons. Marisa was the cover model for the Jills 2000-2001 Swmisuit Calendar.

Marisa cheers, reads, pours and rides.

Mark - Maryland Army National Guard - Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders
Mark is a Captain in the Maryland Army National Guard. He was a six-time Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader before his unit was activated and he shipped out to Iraq.

Read more about Mark here and here.

Michelle - United States Army Reserve - Baltimore Colts Cheerleaders
Michelle is the first woman and first African-American command sergeant major of the Army Reserve. She cheered for the Baltimore Colts sometime prior to 1984.

More on Michelle here.

Nicole, Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders
Nicole - Minnesota Air National Guard - Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders
Nicole is a Senior Airman in the Minnesota Air National Guard, a student at the University of Minnesota and in her first season (2007) with the Vikings Cheerleaders.

Rachel, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
Rachel - US Army ROTC - Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Rachel is currently (2008) in her second season with the Eagles Cheerleaders. She is a Cadet in The US Army ROTC Program at Drexel University where she is studying History and Political Science. When she’s not cheering Rachel says she can be found doing pushups for the army. We hope to learn more about Rachel during the season.

Rachel - United States Navy - Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
Rachel graduated from James Madison University with a BS in Nursing and now works in a military hospital.

Rachel cheered for the Redskins during the 2006 season.

Rebecca - Canadian Forces Air Command - Winnipeg Blue Lightning
Rebecca is an Air Traffic Controller for the Canadian Armed Forces. She was recently stationed in Winnipeg and wanted to make a special connection with her new community. Rebecca says that becoming a cheerleader seemed to be an excellent way to meet people, become involved in the community and have an opportunity to dance and perform at the same time.

Rebecca’s cheered for Winnipeg during the 2006 season.

Shanna - United States Air Force - San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush
Shanna is an Integrated Avionics Technician at Travis Air Force base. Ironically even though she’s an airman she has a fear of flying.
Shanna cheered for the 49ers for the 2006 season.

Read more about Shanna here.

Stacy - United States Air Force - Virginia Lady Royal’s Dance Team
Stacy was born and raised in Montana. After 2 years of college in Wyoming, she enlisted in the US Air Force. She served four years honorably before working as a civilian for the Department of the Air Force. She now works for the Presidential Helicopter Program. She has over 15 years of dance and cheerleading experience and was a member of the 2006 Lady Royal’s dance team; dancers for the Virginia Kings Minor League football team.

I have no doubt that this list is incomplete. If you know of a cheerleader we overlooked, let us know. And as always we welcome comments, corrections and criticisms.

12th Annual Eagles Carnival & Auction

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field the 12th Annual Eagles Carnival & Auction was held. Close to $1 million for Eagles Youth Partnership (EYP), The Philadelphia Eagles’ non-profit charitable wing was raised.

Founded in 1995 by Eagles Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Lurie and his wife Christina Weiss Lurie, EYP reaches approximately 50,000 under served children each year, providing outreach services via the Eagles Eye Mobile and Book Mobile. These mobile services include free eye exams, free prescription eyeglasses, and free books to children in under served schools, shelters, recreation centers, parks and more.

Eagles staff, players and of course the Cheerleaders were all on hand for this entertaining day.

Amanda B.> and Alyssa were helping run the EYP Memory Game which was a bit like the old game show Concentration.

2007 Calendar Cover Girl Lora and Amy were down on the field at the Obstacle Course Race.

Rookie Tiffany is a Health & Physical Education Major at the College of New Jersey.

Rookie Gina is a Fashion Merchandising student at Philadelphia University.

Eagles mascot Swoop was on hand as well

LaSalle grad Jennifer was at a booth selling, among other things, over sized Eagles Cheerleaders posters.

Kristie was running a big wheel of chance. You can see a part of the wheel over her right shoulder.

West Chester University student Alysse was running another wheel of chance.

>Charissa is a biologist for a research laboratory.

Two-year veteran Lindsey was running the second shift at the EYP Memory Game.

Two-year veteran Pam is one of the 10 cheerleaders competing for the title of “America’s Sexiest Cheerleader”. Cast a ballot for your favorite here.

Former Buffalo Jill Tawnya and 2004 Pro Bowl Cheerleader Janet had the 2nd shift at the Obstacle Course Race.

Kjersti (the “K” is silent) and >Amanda N. down on the field for the “4th and 26″ Challenge.

From WPVI-TV Channel 6 it’s Matt O’Donnell and David Murphy.

It’s 2005 Pro Bowl Cheerleader Monica Devlin. What’s Monica up to these days? She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Temple University. Now she’s an intern in at Channel 6. She used to be in the promos for the Eagles games on Channel 6 and now she’s writing them. Monica says she having a lot of fun working at the station and she’s learning a lot.

Flashback: Monica says the Cheerleaders are “Tougher than the players.”

And of course we couldn’t leave out the Cheerleading Clinic, a favorite of little girls and men of all ages.

Ashley, >Stephanie, Janipher and Paige showing how it’s done.

Krystle is a Elementary Education major at West Chester University

Ashley and Stephanie

Stephanie and Ashley


Victoria poses for the last photo of the day.

Eagles Cheerleaders at the Hall of Fame Game

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Our friend Dan was the Hall-of-Fame Game on August 6th where the Eagles played the Raiders. He sends us these photos he took of the Eagles Cheerleaders. And for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, check out Dan’s Pro Bowl Cheerleaders Website here.

Janette is a three-year veteran and a gymnastics instructor.

I should add that I am relying on Sasha for all the identifications. Any goofs let her know. :)

Caroline a four-year veteran and works for a Big 4 accounting farm.

Rookie Kjersti is a dance student at the University of the Arts.

Vittoria is in her first season with the squad. She’s a varsity cheerleading instructor.

Rookie Alysse is a Geography major at West Chester University.

Lindsey is a two-year veteran and a dance educator.

Five-year veteran Christina is a LaSalle University graduate.

When we started this blog Amy as a nursing student at Drexel, now she an Operating Room Nurse.

Four-year veteran Amanda W. set pole-vaulting records in college.

Second-year veteran Paige is a ballet student at the University of the Arts.

Director of the Eagles Cheerleaders, Barbara Zaun. Prior to her time with the Eagles, Barbara was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens.

Three-year vet Carly is a graduate of Elon University.

Flashback: February 2004. Carly, then a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, traveled to Iraq to visit the troops.

Rookie Charissa is a biologist.

Lora is a three-year veteran of the squad and is the cover girl of this year’s
In her eighth season with the Eagles Cheerleaders
Janet is dean of the squad.

Jennifer is a LaSalle grad and a Financial Data Systems Analyst.

Tara has been cheering for the Eagles for 6 years now. She’s a graduate of the University of the Arts.

Tia is a three-year veteran.

Ashley is a three year vet and a dance teacher.

Pam is a Montclair State grad and a Special Education Teacher.

View all the Eagles Cheerleaders online here.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Many squads rocked the leotard in the 80s, as demonstrated by
this member of the 1989 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders.

Collegeville Woman Scores Top Spot on Eagles Cheerleader Calendar

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

by Brandie Kessler
Pottstown Mercury

A local woman is the new face of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad after scoring the cover of the 2006-2007 calendar.

Lora Sheeran was born in Philadelphia, but moved with her family to Collegeville when she was just a kid.

The 23-year-old has been a member of the squad for three years, although she said her background is in dance, not cheerleading.

“I never cheered before in my life,” Sheeran said. She found out about auditions for the squad from a college friend she met while attending DeSales University in Allentown. “I danced all throughout high school (at Perkiomen Valley), and in college. The background I acquired for cheerleading was from dance. That’s basically how I got involved in cheering.”

In addition to her initial unfamiliarity with cheering, Sheeran admitted she wasn’t always such an avid football fan, but it’s something that she has grown to love.

“I grew up, I would say, more of a baseball fan, just because of my dad and my brother,” Sheeran said. “But I’m telling you, football is addicting. It just takes control of you. I can’t even watch baseball now, it’s so boring.”

Sheeran said her first year on the squad was most memorable.

“I was just excited about the whole opportunity,” she said. “The year I made the squad, was an amazing year.” She was featured in Maxim, and went to the Super Bowl.

“It was my first year, and (the Super Bowl) was something that girls who had been on the squad for 10 years hadn’t experienced,” she said.

Being on the squad has taken Sheeran around the country and around the world after the cheerleading squad was invited to participate in the New Year’s Day parade in Hong Kong. It has taught her a few things she will take with her for when her cheerleading career is over. “It’s taught me how to carry myself, and present myself,” she said.

The odds of landing the cover of the calendar are 1 in 38 since there are 38 girls on the squad and everyone has a chance to win. But in order to make the cover, a girl has to make the squad first.

“For the last few years there have been approximately 600 women at our open call, so it’s very competitive,” said Barbara Zaun, director of the Eagles Cheerleaders.

“We try to narrow the number down to 150 by the end of the (open call) day.”

Zaun said ultimately, after more tryouts, cuts, interviews with contestants and more cuts, the top 38 women make the squad.

To be on the squad, women should have dance ability, the ability to make a yearlong commitment to the job, be articulate, attractive and enjoy public speaking, Zaun said. Current squad members must try out for each season.

Sheeran said she works hard at what she does and in return said she appreciates the positive attention from fans, and welcomes their enthusiasm.

“I welcome it,” she said. “It can be overwhelming, but we’re just appreciative that someone wants our autograph and recognizes us, and I’m appreciative, because it wasn’t always like that.”

Sheeran said she doesn’t plan on quitting the squad as long as she is enjoying the experience.

“I try to take it year by year, so I don’t know necessarily how long I’ll be doing it,” she said, “but I want to keep doing it as long as I am enjoying it.”

And for Eagles fans, Sheeran has the inside scoop on what they can expect from the guys on the turf this season.

“My prediction: We’re going to do awesome,” she said. “We’re going to do amazing.

Lora at the Calendar Unveiling Party.

Get your own copy of the 2006-07 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar here.

Cheerleaders Welcome Sailors

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

June 30, 2006
By Zach Berman

Sailors disembarked from the U.S.S. Farragut at Penn’s Landing on Friday afternoon, when one sailor spotted his significant other and blanketed her with an overbearing hug and prolonged kiss.

The heartwarming moment was observed by a collection of Eagles Cheerleaders who were at the event to welcome the sailors as part of the “Let Freedom Ring” celebration for July 4th weekend.

The cheerleaders were touched by the genuine moment, an indication of the sacrifices made by those who served and their families. A few cheerleaders cried at the sight, symbolizing the warm-nature feeling of the celebration.

The service people onboard were happy to be in Philadelphia for the Nation’s birthday — and to have Eagles Cheerleaders greet them at the port.

The cheerleaders, on the other hand, were honored to be a part of the welcoming of those brave men and women.

“It was chilling,” veteran Tara said. “Once the choir started singing and to see them all proceed down the ramp.”

Jennifer said it was particularly rewarding having the event take place in Philadelphia, considering it’s the birthplace of the country.

That message was conveyed throughout the entire ceremony, a perfect match for a ship that was recently commissioned and a city long on history. The city even has a small part of the destroyer’s history considering the ship is named after Civil War hero, Admiral David G. Farragut, who grew up in Philadelphia.

There were crewmembers on the ship from Philadelphia, as well, and the weekend is even more significant for them. Besides the historical component, they’re coming home to Philadelphia — a rare opportunity for those in the Navy.

“I grew up here and have been an Eagles fan my whole life,” Lt. Tom Seigenthaler said. “It’s really amazing to be able to come home. We’re not able to come back to Philadelphia that often in the Navy, so coming up here, I was blown away.”

The ship is set to launch on July 23 but will stay in Philadelphia throughout the weekend. The crewmembers will have a chance to see the city, participate in different events and enjoy time away from the sea.

But to kick off their stay was Friday afternoon’s festivities and their first sight arriving at Penn’s Landing was the Eagles Cheerleaders waving.

“I didn’t think they’d be here,” said BMI (SW) Dan Gallagher, a South Philadelphia native. “I thought it was a rumor until I saw it. I was very happy to see green, silver and black.” (photo gallery)

Meet the New Buffalo Jills

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

What better way to cap off Draft Day then to meet the 2006-07 Buffalo Jills.
The party starts 10pm this Saturday at the Crocodile Bar on Chippewa Street in Buffalo. Sounds like a lot of fun.

And in other Buffalo related news Tawnya on of the new members of the 2006-07 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders is a former Buffalo Jill and NLL Buffalo Bandette.

Tawnya is graduate of the University of Buffalo where she majored in Communications, Marketing and French. She works as a Pharmaceutical sales representative.

Thanks to our friend Phil for the info.

Official Websites of the Eagles Cheerleaders, Buffalo Jills and Buffalo Bandettes (rr).

Someone Teressa is Getting Hitched!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Thank you to everyone who wrote in to set the record straight. I knew I could count on you guys!

It turns out the mystery lady isn’t Christina after all. Nope. The lucky cheerleader is rookie Teressa! According to her teammate Monica, Teressa was standing there with the other cheerleaders, thinking they were all about to take a photo with a fan when - surprise! Her boyfriend appeared out of nowhere with a bouquet of roses, a beautiful ring, and a heartfelt proposal. No one was more surprised than Teressa, who of course said yes!

Teressa also wrote in to give us a few more details. The mystery man’s name is Brian and he is a Lieutenant in the Marines. He is currently stationed in North Carolina, so I bet this wasn’t an easy trick to pull off. Brian and Teressa are both huge Eagles fans, and he knew that Teressa would turn all to mush if he proposed right smack in the middle of Lincoln Financial Field. However, Brian is scheduled for redeployment to Iraq in June, and his return date is uncertain so he seized this golden opportunity to pop the question. Well done Brian - she never saw it coming!

Congratulations Teressa and Brian
We wish you all the happiness in the world

Sidebar: Um…..Christina, I really hope I didn’t get you in trouble with your friends, family, or (gulp) boyfriend. Or (double gulp) husband. Yikes!

Friday Round-Up

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

At this Saturday’s MISL Philadelphia KiXX game the first 1500 fans 14 and older will receive free copies of the 2006 KiXX Dancers Calendar.

The KiXX host the Milwaukee Wave at the Wachovia Spectrum this Saturday. The games starts at 7:05pm and the doors open at 6pm.

The ABC hit variety series Dancing With the Stars returns next month. One of the ten celebrity contestants is Stacy Keibler. Better know as a WWE Diva, Stacey is a former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader.

Stacy Keibler

The new season of Dancing With the Stars begins Thursday, January 5th at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

ChickChat Co-Host Heidi Hanzel emceed the Annual Warrenton Christmas Parade put on this year by the Mom’s Club of Warrenton, Virginia.

From 1990 to 1992 Heidi was a Washington Redskins Cheerleader or Redskinette, as they were then called.

The 2005 19th Annual Warrenton Virginia Christmas Parade Grand Marshals were soldiers from the National Guard Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan.

You can listen to Heidi live on Chick Chat Radio weekdays from 2pm to 4pm ET.

For those of you who missed the Making the Band 3 finale both Shannon (ex-Portland BlazerDancer) and Dawn (ex-New Orleans Honeybee) were picked to be part of the band along with Aubrey, Wanita and Aundrea.

Diddy promises these five girls are going to “take over the world.”

We already told you that Kerry will be representing the Titans Cheerleaders at the Pro Bowl in February. From this report we get a little insight into why she was chosen.

(Kerry) organized a donation drive for the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders after Hurricane Katrina and also is raising money for a high school cheerleading squad in New Orleans for new uniforms and gear.

I stumbled across a couple of articles on NBA Dancers sharing what they’ve learner with others:

First from the Daily Southtown we learn how Chicago Luvabulls Captain
Evadney is getting the “Swingin’ Seniors” into tip-top shape.

Evadney King, a 29-year-old Luvabulls captain from Lansing, choreographed the routine –— a series of kicks, jazz hands, waves and spins –— and started teaching it to the group in October.

“I want excellence from you,” she told the seniors during their second-to-last practice. “Let’s put our thinking caps on and fine-tune things. Give ‘em something to go crazy for.”

King said her first experience working with seniors has been a joy.

“They are so motivated, it makes my job easy,” she said. “I can’t come in here without having a good time.”

And from The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star former Washington Wizards Dancer Amanda Baker and her Brooke Point Dance Team have been ranked in the top ten nationally for almost a decade:

“We’re always having higher goals. We stay competitive,” Baker said. The Black-Hawks plan to compete in the Washington Wizard Dance Invitational on Jan. 7 at the MCI Center.

But Brooke is known for much more than their high energy and sharp motions.

“We are known for being really nice and supportive to other teams. We are a genuine team, being friendly and nice just comes natural,” Baker said.

That may be the reason for them holding their own dance competition next month to support other local teams.

“It’s always nice to be in a venue with other teams. We want to see how they have progressed and let them have a chance to compete in front of their friends,” said Baker.

Now that their season is under way, the Black-Hawks look forward to their future and next competition, but most importantly, continuing their dance dynasty as national contenders from Stafford County.

And for our final item the Philadephiaia Eagles now have several of their Cheerleaders blogging on the team’s website.

Teressa, Jennifer K, Christina, Brianne and Monica have been blogging since late last week. They’ve been sharing photos, telling stories and lamenting Monday night’s loss to the Seahawks.

From Monica’s latest post:

I am planning my New Year’s weekend now because I am excited to have special guests visiting me. Jamilla, a Redskins cheerleader and Deryn, a Saints cheerleader, are supposed to be coming to see me. I became great friends with them at the Pro Bowl last February and have seen them a few times in the past year. I went to D.C. to watch the Redskins-Seahawks game, and the Redskins-Eagles game where we also met up with the Baltimore cheerleader Angela for a little reunion. It was wonderful to see my friends and I can’t wait for them to come to Philly! I want to show them the beautiful city and all it has to offer.

The Eagles Cheerleaders Blogs are here. (Registration required)

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