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Eagles Cheerleaders at the End Zone

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Eagles End Zone Store at the Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, the Eagles brought out players, Swoop and the Eagles Cheerleaders.

Alexandra and Amanda
Vets Alexandra and Amanda


Amanda, who was Dance Captain last season is now a full-fledged captain in charge of one of the 5 Eagles Cheerleaders lines. Congrats, Amanda!

Paige and Danni-Lynn
Rookies and Sisters Paige and Danni-Lynn



Online home of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders is here.

Pitman Community Appreciation Day at Alcyon Park

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Lots of fun at the 2nd Annual Pitman Community Appreciation Day on Wednesday evening. There were Pony Rides, Police K-9 Demonstrations, Balloonists, Magicians, Juggler and representatives from most of Philadelphia’s pro sports teams.
(Note: Many years ago I used to deliver pizza in Pitman.)

Eagles Cheerleaders
The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Danielle and Sarah from the Philadelphia Soulmates.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Tiffany and Jenna

Phillies Ball Girls
Phillies Ball Girls Christy and Gina


From the KiXX Dance Team it’s Colleen and Diandra


Eagles Cheerleaders Make An Impression in Iraq

Monday, June 9th, 2008

I “borrowed” this entry from a Lt. Michael Anthony, a blogger currently stationed in Iraq. It really means a lot to them when different squads go out to visit them. I encourage you to read the rest of his blog, as it gives an interesting perspective on everyday life for the troops over there.

…Today the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders came to Al Asad for a visit. Everyone was quite excited to see their name on the bill - even if you aren’t from Philadelphia. The Eagles are doing a 12 day tour of Iraq playing shows at several bases. They spent the first few minutes doing a cheerleading routine. We of course enjoyed that. Next they spent some time introducing themselves - two cheerleaders were notable. One was born is Norway [Kjersti] so she gave her introduction in her native language, and the other [Rachel] was a ROTC Candidate that knew our lingo. She is going to Airborne School this summer which made everyone go nuts.

Next they had a NFL trivia contest and a physical fitness test. The fitness test was a push up competition that pitted one Airman, one Marine, and one Soldier against the ROTC candidate cheerleader. The guys tried really hard but the other cheerleaders sat on the guys weighing them down. The cheerleader was quite strong she knocked out 52 pushups. That is much greater than the Army standard. Lastly they had a picture session. It was nice that they spent time coming here for us.

Eagles Cheerleader Tour Photos

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Veteran Eagles Cheerleaders Nikki, Kjersti, Rachel, Madeline, and Laura are on a goodwill tour in Iraq. Click here to view photos from their trip on

Cheerleaders Ready To Embark On Goodwill Mission

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008


Five Eagles Cheerleaders are headed from the sideline to the front lines as part of a 12-day tour to entertain troops stationed in Kuwait and Iraq.

Eagles Cheerleaders

Kjersti, Laura, Madeline, Nikki and Rachel will represent the squad for this trip, which starts Sunday.

The group will visit numerous bases throughout Iraq as well as Kuwait, but will not be provided a schedule until a day or two prior to their departure due to security reasons. All events throughout the 10-day trip will be directed by Pro Sports MVP tour manager Brian Lee who has been involved with over 20 tours to the Middle East region.

Known for their high level of technical dance skill, along with their impeccable ambassadorship in the community, the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders continue each year to take their program to the next level for professional cheer and dance teams. They participate in many appearances and charity events aside from their duties on the field.

“These outstanding NFL cheerleaders will have a tremendous impact on the military personnel serving our country. The group is very excited to meet the troops in Iraq, and it will be everyone’s first visit to the country. All of the participants have expressed their passion for visiting our troops overseas and are looking forward to a successful tour and once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said David Chavez, President of Pro Sports MVP, which is coordinating the trip.

As a prelude to the trip, the cheerleaders paid a visit to Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base on Friday. While there the cheerleaders met with various military personnel, posed for pictures with servicemen and performed a brief routine on a runway in front of an A-10 fighter jet.

Watch a video of this report here.

Bonus video from

Eagles Cheerleaders Bound for Iraq

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Cheering the troops
By Aubrey Whelan
The Intelligencer
May 30, 2008

>The A-10 fighter jet — nicknamed “the warthog” — loomed large and imposing on the runway, engines revving as it slowly made its way into position for takeoff. A small group of people gathered nearby shielded their eyes, adjusted their earplugs and waited.

Then the pilot leaned out of the cockpit and flashed a thumbs-up sign. His other hand waved a small sign reading “Go Eagles!”

Instantly, five Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders waved their pompoms in the air, their excited cheers just barely audible over the engine’s whine. Then the plane took off, disappearing into the distance beyond the Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Horsham.

During a visit to the base Friday, the five Eagles cheerleaders got a taste of military life — which will serve them well come Sunday night, when they leave for Iraq on a 12-day tour to entertain troops.

“I’m excited about how much of a humbling experience it’s going to be,” said cheerleader Nikki Bell, whose two sisters are also on the Eagles squad.

The cheerleaders will spend their time in Iraq entertaining troops with a 45-minute show they’ve prepared for the occasion, visiting at least two bases a day with a performance every night, said cheerleader Kjersti Soberg, 21, a Collegeville resident and a dance performance major at the University of the Arts.

Friday at the base, the cheerleaders met with various military personnel, performed a small routine on the runway before watching fighter jets take off on a training mission and posed for pictures with servicemen — some of whom had served or were about to serve overseas.

One of those was Air Force Lt. Col. Jeff Godfrey, who said he’d been in Iraq for six tours of duty. Entertainers from back home, he said, are “a breath of fresh air.”

“You’re out there in the sun and the heat — and it’s like homecoming to you,” he said. “(The cheerleaders) will probably be very well received.”

Air Force Maj. Thomas Fennell, who later flew in Friday’s training mission, posed for a picture with the cheerleaders before taking off.

“Get closer, ladies,” he said, laughing. “That’ll be in those pictures my girl doesn’t see.”

Capt. Rick Cline, the commanding officer of the Navy Operational Support Center at Willow Grove, escorted the cheerleaders around the base.

“It’s a great day,” he said. “Beautiful weather, beautiful girls, beautiful airplanes — it’s a perfect day.”

Cheerleader Rachel Washburn, a Midwesterner and an Army ROTC cadet at Drexel University, said the visit gave her a behind-the-scenes look at life in the military.

“It’s kind of nice that I can see what deployed life is like from a civilian approach,” she said. “And it’s a nice warm-up to see people at home and prepare for what it’s like in Iraq.”

Some of the servicemen gave the girls tips on how to get by in-country.

“They told me to stay really hydrated, use sunblock,” said Laura Jenkins, 22, of Philadelphia, who will celebrate her 23rd birthday while overseas entertaining the troops.

“You get an idea, in a sense, of the severity (of the trip),” Soberg said. She said one of the servicemen told her to “put your oven on 150 degrees and step inside” to get a sense of Iraq’s desert climate.

Eagles director of cheerleading Barbara Zaun said that while sending the cheerleaders to entertain in Iraq comes with its fair share of risk, “we’ve done a great deal of research, and we do feel that it’s going to be secure,” she said.

Soberg said she’s not nervous at all for her trip overseas. After Friday’s visit, she said, the fact that she’s leaving in two days for Iraq is “starting to sink in.”

“I feel like everyone is nervous enough for me,” she said, laughing. “I think that’d take away from the experience, and I really want to soak it all up.”

Eagles cheerleaders take flight to Iraq

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

By Keith Russell
Associated Press
May 30, 2008

ABC Philadelphia: It was the most glamorous day the Willow Grove airbase has seen in quite some time.

Eagles cheerleaders giving members of the Air National Guard a sneak peek of their upcoming twelve-day trip to Iraq.

“I don’t think I can possibly fathom the way this is going to affect my life,” Kjersti Soberg said. Five girls representing a wing of an entire region, showing troops they are surely missed and their courage is appreciated.

Those who have had tours of duty already know what this will mean.

“It’s always such a nice break in the action, just a chance to get out of the routine a little bit and have a taste of home come to you,” Lt. Col. Jeff Godfrey of the Air National Guard said.

“Realizing that you have folks that come and visit you from the nice area back home gives you a good state of mind and psychologically strengthens you,” M. Sgt. Matt Giacobbe of the Air National Guard said.

A journey that will test the strength one member of the squad, in particular - Rachel Wasburn.

Wasburn is part of Drexel’s ROTC program. Her next trip to Iraq could be as a soldier.

“It’s nothing anybody wants to experience, but you learn to accept it and it’s your duty; it’s something you sign to do and are proud to do,” Wasburn said.

With their most important right in front of them, these special young ladies are ready for take off.

Eagles Cheerleaders Heading to Iraq

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

By Peter Mucha
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Forget the warriors of the football fields.

Five Eagles Cheerleaders will begin entertaining troops in Iraq next week.

Call it a 12-day tour of beauty for Americans doing a tour of duty.

As a kind of warm-up exercise, on Friday they’ll unveil some of their show at Willow Grove Air Force Base for military personnel.

Then on Sunday, they’ll fly commercial planes to Germany, then Kuwait.

A Black Hawk helicopter will probably take them to whatever base they’ll visit first, said cheerleader Kjersti Soberg, a University of the Art dance major.

The itinerary, which might include a half-dozen or more bases, is as secret as an Eagles game plan, she said.

Eagles Cheerleaders

Joining her will be Rachel Washburn, who’s also an ROTC cadet; Nikki Bell, one of three sisters on the squad; Madeline Kane, top scorer in last month’s audition finale show; and Laura Jenkins, who graduated from the University of the Arts last year.

It’s the first time the Eagles have sent cheerleaders to Iraq, though squad members did entertain troops in Bosnia and Kosovo, according to Barbara Zaun, the team’s director of cheerleading.

Other NFL teams have sent cheerleaders and former players to Iraq before, she said.

Besides doing some dance routines, the women will conduct trivia contests and giveaways of Eagles gear, including some autographed items.

There might be some singing, too, said Soberg.

“It’s really more like a variety show than than their regular performances that you’d see on game days,” Zaun said.

The troupe has already been rehearsing for three weeks, Soberg said.

“Everybody asks if we’re nervous” about going to a war zone, she said. On the contrary, “I’m thrilled to have this opportunity,” she said.

“They reassured us that the bases we’re traveling to are completely safe.”

Isn’t she kind of used to being in danger on the Eagles sidelines, where camera people stumble and players hurtle by?

She hasn’t personally been in harm’s way, but some cheerleaders have been, if only from slipping because of wind and rain.

“You have to be 100 percent aware of your surroundings at all times,” she said.

It’s quite a contrast to the squad’s most recent trip - shooting an eco-friendly calendar in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, where Soberg posed in sand at sunrise.

Still, Soberg is “more than excited” about the trip.

Many of these service people haven’t seen American civilians for a long time, she said.

“To be that breath of fresh air is really what we’re looking for.”

Eagles Cheerleaders Shoot Eco-friendly Calendar

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

By Peter Mucha
The Philadelphia Inquirer

You’ve heard of eco-friendly cleaners, cars and businesses.

Add bikinis to the list.

Last week the Eagles Cheerleaders were in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, creating the NFL’s first “eco-sexy” calendar, according to Barbara Zaun, the team’s director of cheerleading.

Each of the team’s 38 Cheerleaders was photographed in a natural setting - on the beach, alongside a stream, amid forest trees - while wearing makeup, swimsuits and accessories that are kind to planet Earth, she said.

The project was part of the club’s “Go Green” program, which has worked recycling and alternative energy into the fabric of the club’s daily operations, from biodegradable beverage cups to the solar panels atop the corporate headquarters.

The new calendar, which will go on sale in July, will use recycled paper - as tickets, programs and stadium toilet paper already do.

Vinyl records, CDs, computer cables, watch parts, candy wrappers and even old traffic lights were used to craft the jewelry and other accessories used on the shoot.

“Every item that you see Cheerleaders wear is made out of the recycled, upcycled, or repurposed items,” Zaun said.

Jennifer Kaiser, 25 - who also works as a financial systems analyst for the Defense Department - did her posing in front of a palm tree on May 4, the day the shoot began.

Only natural dyes were used to color the organic cotton used in her bikini, she explained. She sported a belt made of bamboo and recycled glass.

Other swimsuits were made of fibers from plastic soda bottles, and the Aaron Chang designs are reversible.

“So again, it’s about living more simply and making choices that prevent additional waste,” Zaun said.

Amy, Eagles Cheerleader
Five-year veteran Amy

Amy Mecca, 25, who also works as an operating room nurse at Methodist Hospital, had her ocean’s-edge photo shoot at dawn on May 4 - after an hour-and-a-half hair-and-makeup session that started at 4 a.m.

The cosmetics were “natural minerals and natural ingredients,” she said.

Besides her brown cotton bikini, she wore a big seashell earrings and a bamboo necklace.

Everybody on the squad is “really excited” about the eco-friendly theme, Mecca said.

“It’s really going to be cool when the calendar comes out,” she added, because a writeup with each photo will tell “the story behind each girl’s outfit, each girl’s accessories.”

The calendar will cover 16 months - the football season plus next year.

No Cheerleader will be left out, Kaiser said. The front and back covers, and pages of collages, ensure that photos of all 38 women will be included.

Zaun hopes the calendar helps spreads a message, and is more “just the latest fashion trend.”

“We’re hoping that this is seen as a cutting-edge calendar,” Zaun said. “… I think it’s important to know that every person can make a difference. … We really do feel that if each person on the Earth takes these steps, we can reduce the harm that we’re placing on the Earth.”

2008 Eagles Cheerleaders - Rookie Uniform Shots

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Preliminary uniform shots of the 2008 cheerleaders have been posted on This is also your first look at the rookie class.

(Paige, Jenna, and Marissa pictured above)

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