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SI Round-up

Sunday, February 17th, 2008


Eagles Cheerleader Janipher Choi has made it to the Super Bowl of the swimsuit-modeling world: a spot in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue, released last week with a party in New York.

Choi, one of a dozen NFL Cheerleaders in the mag, is getting well acquainted with New York. In December, the 2007 Rutgers grad took a merchandising job with Foot Locker. After commuting daily from the Blackwood home of her mother, Nancy - leaving her with four hours of sleep a night - Choi just moved to Jersey City, N.J.

This means she won’t return for a fourth season with the Eagles.

Foot Locker’s branded-merchandise department is packed with Giants fans, she says, adding that hers is the only desk festooned with Eagles stuff.”

Janipher, Eagles Cheerleader

Janipher at


For the first time ever, Sports Illustrated is featuring NFL Cheerleaders in their annual swimsuit issue.

Twenty eight year old Milly Figuereo got to stru her stuff in a swimsuit.

The photo shoot was held in New York City. Milly says the crew made her feel right at home.

“They had the hair and makeup team. The photographer was great. They had the music going, the fan blowing, you know. It was just a great experience all the way around so they really pull you in and really make you feel comfortable about it it is that you’re doing and I think that’s the way they’re able to get those really natural candid shots because you’re just having fun out there,” says Figuereo.

Milly, Bucs Cheerleader

Milly is also gearing up for another big photo shoot, for her wedding pictures. She’s getting married in two weeks.

Watch a video of this story here.

Milly at


A Phenix City woman is featured in one of the most popular sports magazines in the country. 22 year old Jessica Trainham an Auburn University student posed in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition with many other models. “Oh it was really exciting, I feel really blessed to have the experience

I did. When I got chosen I was thrilled like any girl would be. Sports Illustrated is huge, so when I found out about it I was really excited”. Jessica tells News Three the opportunity came about by chance. In addition to her being a student at Auburn University, Trainham also moonlights as a Cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. Someone from Sports Illustrated saw her picture and chose her and eleven other NFL Cheerleaders and put them in the magazine. “She told us they went on the website and randomly selected the girls they were looking for. And it was an honor to know that I had the look they were looking for” Jessica said.

Trainham grew up in Phenix City and went to Central High School. She tells News Three her recent fame and success has not gone to her head. She says she is proud to be from Phenix City where her family and friends keep her grounded. “Its cool seeing people know who I am, but as far as staying grounded I’ll always be that way thats just the type of person I am. I’m excited about this opportunity, but I think its more important to know where I came from and stay that way”. In addition to posing in Sports Illustrated, Jessica has been featured in several other publications including: The Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine. After she graduates in May from Auburn, Trainham wants to intern at a Television station in Tampa, Florida. Her goal is to become a TV News Reporter.

Jessica, Falcons Cheerleader

Watch a video of this report here.


Walking around New York City on a recent night, Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Jessica Trainham couldn’t seem to find a newsstand.

“You think there’s one on every corner, but there was not one in sight,” said Trainham, a 22-year-old senior at Auburn University.

Finally, Trainham and her boyfriend found a bookstore, bought a copy of the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and turned to page 147, where she got her first look at her modeling debut in one of the world’s most sought-after publications.

Trainham’s photo shows her in a team-spirited red, black and white barely-there bikini with silver polka dots.

“I was very pleased with how (the pictures) turned out,” Trainham said. “Of course it’s Sports Illustrated, so I knew they’d do a good job.”

The folks at SI contacted the Falcons last summer after deciding to feature NFL cheerleaders in their swimsuit edition for the first time. After looking through the roster, “they decided I was what they were looking for,” Trainham said.

In late June, Trainham and 11 other women (including twins) were treated to a weekend in New York and a day-long photo shoot. “They treated us like royalty,” Trainham said.

The magazine flew the women back to New York last Monday for Tuesday’s surprise reveal of which model would grace the cover.

Trainham is studying to be a broadcast journalist and hopes to intern this summer in Tampa. She’s not sure if she’ll remain with the Falcons after her contract expires in May. Her future in modeling also is up in the air.

“If any opportunity knocked, I’d take it,” she said, “but right now I’m focusing on (starting) my career.

“This is something I probably won’t ever get to do again, so I’m just savoring the moment.”

Jessica at

NFL Cheerleaders in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

It’s not just the Milly Figuereo from the Buccaneers Cheerleaders. Sports Illustrated is featuring twelve NFL Cheerleaders in its annual swimsuit issue.

NFL Cheerleaders

In addition to Milly the issue features:

Janipher from the Eagles Cheerleaders
Larisa and Marisa from the Texans Cheerleaders
Erin from the Jacksonville ROAR
Tracy from the Oakland Raiderettes
Anabel from the Redskins Cheerleaders
Ireivy from the Dolphins Cheerleaders
Marlina from the Charger Girls
Christina from the Cowboys Cheerleaders
Jessica from the Falcons Cheerleaders
Megan from the Patriots Cheerleaders

Congratulations to all the Cheerleaders on this great accomplishment.

Go here for groups and individual photos

Drexel Student Balancing ROTC, NFL Cheerleading

Friday, February 8th, 2008

By Brett Fischer
The Triangle

There may not be any members of the Drexel football team on the Philadelphia Eagles, but there is a student who is a member of the Eagles organization.

Rachel Washburn, a sophomore majoring in history and politics, is a cheerleader for the Birds, but unlike most Cheerleaders, she has also built a strong connection with the ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) program at Drexel.

Washburn, a former member of the Drexel dance team, was a gymnast for 10 years, but didn’t start dancing until high school and was never a cheerleader until she made the Eagles squad.

As a dancer of four years, Washburn hoped her experience would be enough to make the team.

Initially, 600 girls tried out to be an Eagles Cheerleader. After open calls, Washburn made the cut down to 150 and again to 110 to make the semifinals.

After learning a new routine at the NovaCare Complex in front of judges, it was cut to only 60 girls. At this point, Washburn only had a few events remaining before finding out whether she made the team or not. But once she made it to the final auditions, she said she was confident that she would make the squad.

Rachel, Eagles Cheerleader

She took part in a beauty and fitness pageant where she walked in a swimsuit and posed for the audience, and then worked on a dance with two other girls for the competition.

Eventually, she was interviewed by Barbara Zaun, the director of cheerleading, and one of her choreographers, Suzy Zucker. She was asked, “What’s the best advice you have ever received?”

Thanks to her involvement with ROTC at Drexel, Washburn was well prepared for this question.

“[The best advice was] from my training NCO, and after a long day of training, I was told, ‘The road to success is littered with failures. Don’t get caught up in the little things and only focus on the final mission,’” Washburn recalled.

With only 38 girls on the team, Washburn called a hotline the next day and was forced to wait for almost all the girls’ names to be called. She was the penultimate person on the list.

Once she called the hotline and had to face whether she was going to make the team or not, she said she became incredibly nervous. But when her name was called, her dream became a reality.

“I heard my name and I freaked out and told a bunch of people, including my two ROTC friends,” Washburn said.

Washburn isn’t the only woman with an affiliation with Drexel.

Amy Mecca, a recent Drexel graduate in nursing, is also an Eagles cheerleader. Together, Mecca and Washburn did an event at the Drexel 7-Eleven signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and friends.

Washburn has made such a positive impression in the Eagles organization that that her picture was used on the main page of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleading web site for three months.
Rachel, Eagles Cheerleader

“It’s amazing [to be an Eagles Cheerleader]. It’s the best job you can possibly have in college. You get to do so much with the community and you get to be a celebrity. Cheering at the games is by far the best part, in front of 67,000 crazy Eagles fans.”

While proud of her accomplishments with the Eagles thus far, Washburn wants spectators to understand that there is more to being a Cheerleader than just looking pretty.

“We are eye candy, but every woman on that team has a full-time career or [is a] full-time student and we’re all amazing well-rounded women,” Washburn said. “We put in long hours with our dancing and long hours for the community and we’re a lot more than just a pretty face.”

Despite stereotypes that have been made about cheerleaders, Washburn’s true passion is with ROTC.

She is in her second year and is an MS2; her department is aligned with the army and she is on a Ranger Challenge team, the elite of the group, with 10 other men.

Washburn said people have to try out for the team by doing physical things such as grenade throwing and rifle marksmanship.

There are about seven girls out of 100 in ROTC.

“The officers that train us try to impress upon us that it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female; it just matters the type of leader you’re going to be,” Washburn said.

But she was the only girl and the youngest member on the Ranger Challenge team.

Washburn said her team trains from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. every day except Sunday. They train for a competition that happens the first week in November, which includes all other Ranger Challenge teams from surrounding states and takes place in Virginia.

“You don’t get any sleep the night before and you don’t have time to eat,” Washburn said. “You march from event to event with a 70-pound pack called a ruck. Throughout the day, you walk possibly 12 miles just getting from event to event.”

Some of the events and tests in which she participated were the land navigation (a one-roped bridge that is crossed like a river), rifle marksmanship, the grenade toss, a commander’s challenge, the 10-kilometer ruck run and the PT Test.

The commander’s challenge included a relay race with an M16. When Washburn got to a benchmark, she had to answer questions about countries and terrorist organizations affiliated with them.

The PT Test includes pushups, sit-ups and a two-mile run. Her team’s PT Score was the best in Ranger Challenge national history.

The final event was a 10-kilometer ruck run. Her team raced against all the other teams. She said they finished second out of about 20 teams.

Some of Washburn’s proudest moments in ROTC include getting the opportunity to go to the gold medal awards ceremony at the Union League of Philadelphia, honoring Donald Rumsfeld, the former Secretary of Defense. She even got to cut cake with him.
Rachel, Eagles Cheerleader
However, Washburn has certainly paid her dues to ROTC.

“ROTC is the most important thing to me right now,” Washburn said. “It’s by far my highest priority. I know that as soon as I graduate, I will be in charge of 40 people’s sons and daughters and brothers and sisters. I need to be a competent and capable leader.”

She also won the United States Army Superior Cadet Award for being the best cadet of the class.

“In ROTC, teamwork, hard work and selflessness are really important,” Washburn said. “You wouldn’t really think that selflessness would apply to the Eagles, but when you have to work with 37 other women to continue a peaceful dynamic, it’s invaluable.”

“When I came out for the Ranger Challenge team the first year, people looked at me thinking, ‘What is this girl doing?’” Washburn said. “Like any job, as soon as I started to prove myself, they started accepting me for the quality job I was doing.”

Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

AmandaFormer Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Amanda Whiting would like your vote. She’s a finalist in PETA’s search for the sexiest vegetarian. Sixteen of the hottest vegetarians in the land are going head-to-head as they battle for the title of Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door and for a free trip to Hawaii. First round voting continues through February 18th.

Vote for Amanda here.

Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

AmandaFormer Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Amanda Whiting would like your vote. She’s a finalist in PETA’s search for the sexiest vegetarian. Sixteen of the hottest vegetarians in the land are going head-to-head as they battle for the title of Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door and for a free trip to Hawaii. First round voting continues through February 18th.

Vote for Amanda here.

Jersey Girl

Friday, February 1st, 2008

by Jen Jones
Dance Spirit Magazine

JerseyWhen Michelle “Jersey” Maniscalco arrives at our cover shoot in Malibu, it’s clear that she’s come a long way since her days on MTV’s “Dancelife.” Gone is the clunker car that could barely get her to auditions; now her jazzy new ride sports gold rims and tinted windows. Her recent gigs have included a European tour with Rihanna, a role as a backup singer in the upcoming film Alvin and the Chipmunks, and a trip to Portugal with Jennifer Lopez for the “New Seven Wonders of the World” extravaganza performance. No doubt about it—Jersey has arrived.

Garden State Beginnings

Though Jersey now resides in sunny L.A., most of her dance training took place in her hometown of Runnemede, NJ. Starting at age three, she spent her time in ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling classes, and at 11, she decided to take her dance future into her own hands. “My teachers told me I wasn’t ready for pointe, but I was dying to wear the shoes,” Jersey says. “So I went on pointe by myself. I wound up being better on pointe than off! When there’s something I want to do, I put my all into it.” Although DS doesn’t recommend putting yourself on pointe, in Jersey’s case the gamble paid off. She was soon cast as Clara in Ballet South of New Jersey’s The Nutcracker (a role she filled for two consecutive years).

Though on a promising path, Jersey began questioning her involvement in dance when she entered high school. “I had put a lot of pressure on myself, and when I turned 15, I needed a break from that whole world,” she remembers. For the next several years, Jersey stepped away from her dance training, but continued to perform as part of her high school cheerleading squad.

But she couldn’t resist dance’s magnetic appeal for too long. After seeing some underground dancers freestyling at a club, 18-year-old Jersey took a job dancing at several nightclubs, including Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal nightclub in Atlantic City. “[Working as a freestyle dancer] gave me more confidence and made me more of a performer,” Jersey says.

Along with her nightclub gigs, Jersey also successfully auditioned for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. But halfway through her second season with the squad, she got some life-changing news. “Some dancers I knew told me about an MTV show called The Wade Robson Project,” she says. “I’d always dreamed of being a professional dancer, so I cleaned out my bank account and flew to California for the auditions.”
Once in Los Angeles, Jersey’s freestyle skills came in handy. (“At the auditions, I just showed off with what I would do at work,” she says. “I was totally fearless.”) After surviving two cuts, Jersey was chosen for the show and asked to fly back to L.A. one month later. Though she was ecstatic, her family wasn’t quite so sure about the opportunity. “When I told my parents I was going to L.A., my mom was like, ‘You’re crazy!’ My dad warned me, ‘These people can spin on their heads; they’re amazing.’ I said, ‘You know what, Dad? I’m amazing, too.’” Wade and friends agreed—Jersey was selected as the show’s first runner-up.

Hollywood Bound

After nabbing Wade’s second-place spot, Jersey decided to stay on the West Coast permanently. “The show had been such a good experience and a huge stepping stone toward my dreams,” she says. “I didn’t want it to end.” Once in L.A., Jersey started taking up to five dance classes every day and feverishly hitting the audition circuit. Soon Wade came calling with an offer for her first professional gig: an industrial in Las Vegas for BellSouth Atlantic. “Wade used four kids from the show, and it was really fun to get the opportunity to work with him,” says Jersey. “He’s a genius.”

Wade’s offer opened the floodgates for Jersey, who began working steadily as a dancer. Along with a Target commercial, an Asics print spot and an appearance in Bring It On: All or Nothing, Jersey took a six-month gig in the then-new Pussycat Dolls Lounge at Caesar’s Palace.

Then, in May 2006, she got an unexpected call from MTV. “The producers wanted me to do an interview to talk about a friend who was auditioning for Dancelife”, says Jersey. “It turned out that my friend got a job in Germany, but the producers liked me and I wound up getting the job!”

Executive produced by Jennifer Lopez, the show followed the triumphs and trials of six dancers trying to make it in Hollywood. Now in talks for a second season, the show was a bona fide success. “I feel so blessed because the show took me to another level in my career,” says Jersey, who toured with Rihanna shortly after the show wrapped.

Now that she’s setting her sights on acting along with dancing, is Jersey destined to follow in J.Lo’s footsteps? “Jennifer is such a hard worker; she doesn’t even stop to pee!” laughs Jersey. “She’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and so am I. Ever since I was little, my dream has been to be a star. I didn’t know how I would get there, but I’ve always known one day I would make it.” This “Jersey from the block” is well on her way.

Jersey at MySpace.

Quintuple Word Score

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

For ComcastSportsNet’s season finale of Monday Night Live representatives from 5 of Philadelphia’s Cheer/Dance/Promotional squads made appearances at Fan Appreciation Night at Chickie’s & Pete’s in South Philly.

Monday Night Live
We’ll start with the Eagles Cheerleaders: Priscilla, Katheryn, Kjersti, Alaina and Alicia

Monday Night Live
Next the Philadelphia Soulmates: Kat, Stephanie, Erika, Minon and Jackie

Monday Night Live
Here is Sixers Dancers Captain Kirstyn and new Sixers Dance Team Director Adrienne Della. Adrienne took over for the recently retired Debbie Apalucci. You may recall Adrienne as the KiXX Dance Team Director. Well, directing two squads was just too much, so she resigned her position with the KiXX. The new KiXX Dance Team Director is Kellie McCaffrey. Congratulations Adrienne and Kellie!

Monday Night Live
From the Philadelphia Flyers Delta Dental Ice Team it’s Karen and Betti Ann.

Monday Night Live
And first time on the blog for the Philadelphia Phillies Ball Girls.

Eagles Cheerleaders Wrap-up

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

I got kind of behind over the past few weeks with my Eagles Cheerleaders photos, so I thought I’d just post them all at once.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
The Friday before the season finale, Tiffany and Lauren S. were at Dadz Bar and Grill in Lumberton for the Bud Light Friday Party. I asked Tiffany and Lauren if they were considering trying out for the squad again in 2008. They both said “Yes” and we’ll certainly be happy to see them again next season. Auditions are coming up fast: Saturday, March 15th!

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Lauren S.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
On Sunday December 16th while the Eagles were playing the Cowboys, Alyssa and Lauren K. were at the Miller Lite Sunday Party at Guppi’s in Conshohocken.

Now here some photos sent in from some Eagles fans. Thanks to Mike, Tony, Mid-Atlantic Dave and non-Midwest, non-Mid-Altantic Dave.

All throughout December Eagles Cheerleaders were making appearances at 7-11s as part of their Eagles Pep Rally promotion.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Priscilla and Jamie

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Jamie and Victoria

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Back on December 9th while the Eagles clashed with the Giants. Eagles Cheerleader Alumni gathered at Chickie’s & Pete’s in South Philadelphia for their 2007 reunion.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
How many former Eagles Cheerleaders can you identify?

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Eagles Cheerleaders at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Maria at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
And finally we go all the way back to Halloween. Danielle is Red Riding Hood. Monique is Alice in Wonderland. Maria is Cinderella. Not sure who is the kitty-cat who cut off in the photo.

Online home of the Eagles Cheerleaders here.

She’s Not In Kansas Anymore

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Villanova Junior is Flying High as an Eagles Cheerleader

Katheryn, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Katheryn, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

When it came time to choose a college, Kansas-native Katheryn decided she wanted to break out of her home state. Searching among East Coast Catholic Universities, she visited both Boston College and Holy Cross. When she came to Villanova, she instantly fell in love with the campus. “It’s cozy. Near the city, but not in the city.”

Since she had been dancing since she was three and was a cheerleader for seven years so it was only natural she would become a member of the Villanova Dance Team. For two years she performed at ‘Nova football and basketball games and made public appearances at University and community events.

An internship in Eastern Europe during the summer of 2006 taught Katheryn that some Eastern European societies still need a little catching up when it comes to accepting women in the workplace.

This past spring the Accounting and Finance Major decided on a whim with her friends from the ‘Nova dance team decided to try out for the Eagles Cheerleaders. When she found herself in the finals, Katheryn decided this was something she really wanted and went all out. And she made it, one of 19 rookies on a squad of 38.

A summer internship she had lined up in Spain for the summer of 2007 had to be quickly abandoned when she made the squad. But she was able to score another internship stateside with Merrill Lynch.

It turned out being an Eagles Cheerleader was much more than Katheryn had ever expected. From the grand: Before the Eagles home opener Kathryn had already visited Mexico twice, once for the Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar photo shoot and a second time to promote the start of the NFL season. To the humbling: when the first young girl asked Katheryn for an autograph and she realized she was now a role model for young girls.

And then there was,of course, the challenge of balancing the rigors of college with the responsibilities of being an NFL Cheerleader. Not always, but occasionally, it would be after midnight when Katheryn returned from the grueling Tuesday and Wednesday night practices.

Katheryn, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
Katheryn (with Lora and Heather) at the Eagles Carnival and Auction

Katheryn says that the highlight of her season would have to be the Eagles home opener, a Monday Night clash against the Redskins. Katheryn’s entire family, father, mother, brother and sister made the trip to Philadelphia to see her perform in her first regular season game.

So what are Katheryn’s plans for after cheering and graduating? She says she’d really like to live in New York City and to be working on Wall Street or in private wealth management.

Krystle is the Eagles Pro Bowl Cheerleader

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Krystle, Eagles Cheerleader
Krystle is a three-year veteran of the Eagles Cheerleaders. She graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Elementary Education and now works as an Elementary School Teacher.

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