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Saintsations Sensational at FOB Kalsu

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

By Sgt. Marcus Butler, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division

The Saintsations partook in a meet-n-greet as well as performed a variety of dance routines and audience participation skits.

Arriving that morning, the Saintsations began their visit by walking around FOB Kalsu talking and joking with the servicemembers before their show began.

New Orleans Saintsations

“We are so honored to be here today to perform for you,” said Dianne, one of the Saintsations. “We came here to support you, our troops, to show you that we love and appreciate everything that you do for us.”

“This event was a great morale booster for everyone,” said Sgt. 1st Class Carlos Cortes, 725th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division and San Juan, Puerto Rico, native. “From start to finish, the show was awesome, especially when the Saintsations called up people to dance.”

New Orleans SaintsationsNew Orleans Saintsations

After the show, the Saintsations posed for photos and all sat down and signed pictures, calendars and even t-shirts to show the Soldiers how much they care.

“All of the Saintsations that visited FOB Kalsu came on their own accord. There was no one forcing them to come here, they all volunteered,” said Capt. Michael Schulte, 725th BSB, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division.

To thunderous applause, the Saintsations exited stage left leaving behind wonderful memories and smiles on the crowd’s faces.

Sainsations Calendar Shoot

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

From WDSU-TV sports reporter Fletcher Mackel takes a behind the scenes look at the Saintstions 2008 Swimsuit Calendar. The ladies could have gone anywhere in the world to shoot the calendar, but they stayed right there in New Orleans.


Watch the video report here.

Online home of the Saintsations at

Sainsations Calendar Shoot

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

From WDSU-TV sports reporter Fletcher Mackel takes a behind the scenes look at the Saintstions 2008 Swimsuit Calendar. The ladies could have gone anywhere in the world to shoot the calendar, but they stayed right there in New Orleans.


Watch the video report here.

Online home of the Saintsations at

Angelle Tymon Hosts GSNs quiznation

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Former New Orleans Saintsation and New Orleans Honeybee Angelle Tymon is the newest hosts of GSN’s quiznation.

You can catch quiznation, part of GSN’s Playmania Block, from midnight to 2am (ET) every night except Monday.

Angelle Tymon

Angelle began her career as a communications student with a minor in dance at Louisiana State University. She then later transferred to California State University, Northridge as a broadcast journalism student. Tymon won a 2007 Edward R. Murrow regional award for feature reporting. She earned the reward for her work about Dimples karaoke bar, described as the first karaoke bar in the United States. Tymon did the reporting for KCSN-FM, the public radio station operated by Cal State Northridge. She also anchored, produced, wrote and edited for Valley View News, Cal State Northridge’s public television newscast.

Thanks to reader James for the tip.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Cheering for the Saints - A Family Affair

Families have enjoyed cheering the Saints on and off the field for generations. For one River Parish family, its especially true. Forty years ago, when the New Orleans Saints were first starting out, they formed one of the first professional cheerleading teams as well. The group was known as the Mamselles. In Tulane stadium, they performed on the sidelines, the end zones and on the field dancing and cheering the team in rain or shine.

One of the first team members, was Janell Memleb Weber of Destrehan. “We performed to live music played by Al Hirt and the Loyola Stage Band.” Some of my memorable numbers were performing with Neil Armstrong as the band played “Fly Me to the Moon” and when Carol Channing entered the stadium on a camel.” Now Janell attends the games in the stands and cheers on her daughter, Alana Weber who is a current New Orleans Saintsation member. “It’s exciting to watch my daughter perform in the dome.” “This year, I see the same kind of enthusiasm now for the Saints like we had in Tulane Stadium.” “The Saintsations has grown in their community relations and I think it’s great how they have developed as a business tool for the Saints.” “It’s not just fluff and stuff. Young career women want to do this because they have a true understanding of the game and like to serve as PR representatives in their community.”

For Alana, who resides in Destrehan, it was like a dream come true to get out on the field. As a family we’ve always been supporters of the Saints and I grew up listening to mom’s stories about cheering the Saints in Tulane stadium. “Now, I love to look up in the stands and see my mom cheering me on.” According to Alana, “being a Saintsation is an incredible experience. Team members have represented the Saints in Afghanistan, the Dr. Phil Show, Comic Relief Live, London, New York and almost every town in Louisiana and Mississippi.” “We literally cheer on and off the field since we make lots of appearances at charity functions and speak at business events.”

Through the years, the names changed and faces changed but one thing remained…..the devotion and love of the New Orleans fans for their cheerleaders. Across the city and state, every high school has a dance team or cheerleading team. Annually, hundreds of girls audition to be a part of the New Orleans Saints cheerleading team and for one family it’s a family tradition.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Those Saintsations really knew how to rock a pair of leg warmers.
Flashdance must’ve been a heckuva movie, to have inspired so many.

Thursday Round-up

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Back in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina we posted that one of the New Orleans Saintsations was missing. Well, hers’some good news in courtesy of Saintsation Ashlyn:

All the girls are okay and accounted for. A couple of the girls have suffered major loses; however, other NFL cheerleading teams as well as the whole country have been very generous in helping our girls. It is also a little odd when you think about it, but we are so close as a team. This disaster has united us even more and we are making the most of this year and are so grateful for everything God, as well as everyone else, is doing for us to get us back on track.

This Monday Night several of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders will appear at the introduction reception for the Capitol Movement Project at Perry’s in Adams Morgan from 6-9 pm. The event will have food, live entertainment and a silent auction.

Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund. Evite information here.

Still on the subject of the Redskins Cheerleaders, reader John sends us a few photos he snapped at last Sunday night’s Philadelphia-Washington clash at FedEx Field.

Rookie Brittany is in the pre-med program at George Mason University.

Previously, Sasha had posted on the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders teaming up with for a chance to meet the cheerleaders and their pets. Well, other teams have gotten into the act. The Jills, Raiderettes, Ravens, Redskins and Titans Cheerleaders are participating. Go here and enter for a chance to win a ticket to a private tailgate party with your favorite NFL Cheerleaders and their pets.

Ravens Cheerleader Alyssa and her dog Lucy.

The Sonic Boom, the Dance Team for the AHL Houston Aeros have posted their individual photos and bios. Here’s Shannah, an attorney:

Visit the Sonic Boom online.

So many Houston Rockets Power Dancers I can barely fit them on my desktop! You’d have An anonymous fans points us to the wallpaper section of the Rockets website.

And we’ll finish the round-up with this story. According to, Seattle Sea Gal Amie was part of a tandem jump. This aired on “Seahawks All-Access” on Fox Sports Net and fans will soon be able see it on the big screen at Qwest Field.

TiVo Alert

Monday, April 11th, 2005

There are lots of viewing choices for Monday night.

On NBC former New Orleans Saintsation Candice Stewart represents Louisiana in the Miss USA Pageant. The show starts at 9pm (All times Eastern), but she might be making an appearance on special Miss USA Fear Factor an hour earlier.

Over on ABC at 9pm Dallas Mavericks Dancer Kindle is one of the eight remaining ladies trying to win the heart of The Bachelor

And finally on CMT at 10:30pm Seattle Sonics Dancer Ali Dudek is on the premiere of Popularity Contest, a new reality show where ten contestants from big cities are dropped into the tiny ranching town of Vega, Texas. They race to make the best first impression on the 936 citizens of the town in a competition to be voted the most popular new resident. After three days, the residents gather to vote on which visitor they like the best. The competitor receiving the least votes is escorted out of Vega by the sheriff.

Before she was a Sonics Dancer, Ali was a Seattle Sea Gal.

Candice Stewart

Friday, April 8th, 2005

Former New Orleans Saintsation Candice Stewart is in Baltimore for the Miss USA Pageant this Monday. Candice is a student at Xavier University and the reigning Miss Louisiana-USA. Melinda Blanchard of The New Orleans Times-Picayune has the

“I would like others to look at me as a motivator,” Stewart said. “My advice to anyone who wants to participate in a pageant is to do it for the right reasons, not for the glamour but for the gift of voice to share your message and motivate others.”

The Miss Universe Organization, producers of the Miss Universe, the Miss USA and the Miss Teen USA competitions, is a partnership of Donald Trump and the National Broadcasting Company Inc. On Monday night, eight judges will assess the 15 finalists in the swimsuit, evening gown and interview categories.

The winner will represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant May 30 in Bangkok, Thailand.

If Stewart doesn’t win, she said, she will return to New Orleans and complete her studies at Xavier University. She will graduate in December with a bachelor of science degree in speech-language pathology and audiology.

“My dream job is to own and operate a pediatric speech and language clinic,” Stewart said.

“If I win the pageant, I’ll move to New York and live in Trump Towers for one year where I’ll share an apartment with the winners of the Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA pageants,” Stewart said. “Just to participate in the Miss USA pageant and meet all the other delegates is awesome. Through the years, I’ve developed lasting friendships through the pageants. I am so thankful for the people who helped get me to this point, especially my parents.

“And as Miss USA, my platform will focus on traveling throughout the United States promoting breast and ovarian cancer awareness. I can’t imagine anything more meaningful and worthwhile.”

The Miss USA pageant airs this Monday at 9pm ET on NBC, but you might want to tune in an hour earlier for a special Miss USA contestant Fear Factor. Although the identities of the competitors are being kept secret, I have a hunch that Candice might be on the show.

"Obviously, Fear Was a Factor…"

Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

Sorry for no posting yesterday, what turned out to be a half day visit to client site ended up taking more than 8 hours. But I did get home in time to see New Orleans Saintsation Tamica Lee compete on NBCs Fear Factor. Tamica survived the first round where she was required to remove flags from a superstructure that was attatched to a speeding dump truck. She then advanced through round 2 which involved escaping from shackles, retrieving a key from the ocean and eating live sand crabs. But in round 3 she was placed atop a car suspended in the air. The car rotated along its long axis and as the car rotated she had to release flags attatched to the car. Tamica removed only 8 flags and finished third.

Tamica Lee

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