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Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

I love it when different teams take the reins in their own hands and proudly display snapshots from various moments in the team’s history. The Buffalo Jills have a great collection of old school photos that you will enjoy. Rather than dole them out one per week, just go on over to the Jills website and enjoy. And all you ladies who were Jills back in the day, don’t forget to reach out to the Buffalo Jills Alumni Association. There’s a big reunion coming up in July!

Headbands, bow ties, half-boots, and enough fringe the circle the equator.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Monday, November 20th, 2006

This week we flash back to the 1981 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
You can’t go wrong with a classic!

Flashback Photo of the Week

Monday, November 20th, 2006

This week we flash back to the 1981 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
You can’t go wrong with a classic!

Flashback Photo of the Week

Monday, November 13th, 2006

This week’s flashback is a member of the 1982 Miami Dolphins Starbrites. You can’t tell here, but this is basically a leotard with beading across the front and around the waist. I bet it took some maneuvering to get one of these outfits on. I also suspect their arrival was frequently heralded by the sound of a thousand beaded curtains clacking together.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Here’s another look back at the Chicago Bears Cheerleaders…

One of the nicest things about the Honey Bears is that they have an all American look - no plastic chorus line. This is more evident in a rehearsal session than may be apparent once they hit the field in their exactly tailored costumes.

By the way, the Honey Bear bunting will be different this fall. Instead of a navy blue body suit, it will be orange and the navy moves to the trim and the lacing of the outer garments. There was nothing wrong with last year’s, but wait until the fans feast on this year’s costumes.

The 32 girl lineup includes 15 from last year; one, Suzanne Larry, who was a Honey in ‘78 returned to the squad this year, and 16 new regulars. All of the eight alternates are ingĂ©nues.

The young women range in age from 18 to 31 years with the average age slightly over 24. But watching them work, they all look the same age - the age of effervescence.

As I sat on the floor with Sharon Cooper, president of A Plus Talent Agency which represents the Honey Bears, and Evelyn Duggan, A Plus’ agent particularly assigned to the job, during the first half-hour of dance routine practice, I batted zero spotting the “average age” woman.

My first choice turned out to be the 31 year old on the squad. Next I was fascinated by a long legged, wispy waisted girl who obviously had many years of ballet training. Turning to Evelyn Duggan, I expressed the opinion that this child had to be one of the youngest. Wrong. She was just one year under the average age. After three other tries, and three more failures at guessing ages, I turned to a more productive area: absorbing the individual differences in style which have been magically blended by “Coach Corn” - as the squad lovingly calls Cathy Core, the choreographer.

The responsibility of developing this football sweetness is evenly divided between Cathy, a former cheerleading coach from Glen Ellyn, and the A Plus Talent Agency, who both are under contract to the Chicago Bears.

Ms. Core was first contacted by the Bears because of her coaching of cheerleaders, although the intent never was to have a high school rah-rah squad. A song and dance team was always the main consideration.

“The first year, 1977, there were more cheers than dances,” Cathy told me. “But in response to the fans, we have continued to increase the dance routines. And we have an exceptionally good group of dancers this year.”

I’ll verify that. At just the fourth practice session, after the regular squad had been selected, all of the young women had the routines down pat, and the polishing had begun.

Occasionally coach Core would call for a greater extension of the arms in a thrust or a request that the heads be kept exaggeratedly high during a certain movement. If after another run through and Cathy still was not satisfied, she would call on captain Crowder for a demonstration.

Now, captain Crowder is something special. She is Brenda Crowder and captain of the squad. She has charm, grace, and the kind of confidence that makes you notice her when she is doing nothing more than moving with the group. I wasn’t surprised to find that she was the captain and a three year veteran. But I was surprised to find, talking with her during the break, that she has had no formal dance training. However, she has been cheerleading since she was 12 years old and attended Simeon Vocational School and Augustana College. Along with her busy schedule with the Honey Bears, she holds down a financial counselor’s position at First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago. Patti Loisi is another going into her third year, and the stream of her enthusiasm caught her 18 year old sister, Antoinette, who is now the youngest Honey Bear. Antoinette, who prefers to be called Toni, and Patti drive into the city together from their parent’s home for the two evening, three hour rehearsals.

The Honey Bear squad also has three girls who have been members for the full four years of existence: Debbie Perkins, Patty Morgan, and Mary Kay Kriese.

And Mary Kay is more than pretty and a sparkling dancer - she’s a good athlete. She, along with the second year Jackie Nicholson, Represented the Chicago Bears in the Battle of the NFL Cheerleaders at Atlantic City, June 22-29.

Jackie is from Woodridge and Mary Kay from Half Day. To gain the honored position, the competed with other members of the Honey Bears in roller skating, tandem bike riding, kayak paddling, a 2-wheel motorcycle obstacle race, and a 100 yard relay (each girl running 50 yards) race carrying their team’s football.

The same events were repeated in Atlantic City where the Twentieth Century Fox assembled two contestants from each of the NFL teams to produce the made for television program.

Approximately two-thirds of the girls on the squad are from the suburbs with the rest living in Chicago. The percentage would be higher, if the girls who originally came from the suburbs but who now have apartments in the city were counted. Teri Serletic falls into that category. Last year, when she first became a Honey Bear, she was living in Calumet City with her parents. She has since moved to Chicago and is sharing an apartment with Renee Halverson, another Honey Bear vet. She is a classic lovely, tall with long pale hair, and her days are spent studying speech, acting, singing, and doing a bit of modeling - which is part of the lives of many of the Honeys. Teri sang with a group a while back on the strength of the training her father provided, and this is her primary interest. However, she says, “I want to be well rounded to be a good entertainer.” She has a start. She is a stunning young woman.

Nina White, a three year’er, with black closely cropped hair, has a magnificently chiseled face. Veronica George looks as if she belongs in beautiful Hawaii and is temporarily gracing us with her charm. Anne Kane is “the girl next door” who enchants everyone, and on and on. Never in one group of young women have I seen so many so distinctive and so individually lovely. The totally unique follow in alphabetical order: the regulars; Debbie Anthony, Karen Berta, Brenda Crowder, Patti D’Andrea, Janet Del Rio, Sharon Derence, Veronica George, Carolyn Gunn, Ginamarie Guzzaldo, Renee Halverson, Anne Kane, Mary Kay Kriese, Suzanne Larry, Antoinette Loisi, Patti Loisi, Lee Ann Marie Bednarski, Glendora Marshall, Gail Materko, Vicki Miller, Patty Morgan, Jackie Nicholson, Debbie Perkins, Patti Ross, Linda Sekerka, Teri Serletic, Joey Sheehan, Susan Siegel, Kim Sutter, Susan Thompson, Nina White, Dawn Worthy, and Susan Yacobea. The alternates; Cathy Abelson, Patricia Crawford, Teresa Plister, Marilyn Rosenfeld, Lynn Salafatinos, Sallie Sellergran, Jacqueline Simmons, and Shirley Szezecinski.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

This week’s flashback comes courtesy of Cheryl, who was a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader from 1965 to 1970. (Alumna - yay!) This photo is from 1966, a time when the girls were called the Philadelphia Eaglettes and were accompanied by a live band on game day. It also shows us that 2003 wasn’t the first time the squad appeared on the sidelines in uniforms created by a well known New York fashion designer. Today’s Eagles Cheerleaders uniforms are the work of Vera Wang, a famous designer best known for her wedding gown collections. But back in the 60s, the mod scene was all the rage and the team was very fashion forward in these colorblock mod minidresses. Cheryl is the dark-haired cheerleader in front. Thanks Cheryl!

Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

The United States Football League was a short-lived league in the early 1980s. The USFL season ran from March through June, attracting many football fans during the NFL offseason. It was a great thing - until the owners decided to switch to a fall schedule and go up against the NFL. Needless to say, this was a very very bad idea and only one aspect of the league’s many problems. The result: crash and burn. But it was fun for a little while.

The Invaders were the USFL franchise in Oakland, California. The Oakland Invaders set up shop in 1983, one year after the Raiders moved to Los Angeles. When Raider fans wanted to watch a little football, they headed over to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum to watch the Invaders, and the Invaders’ cheerleaders, the Blue Angels. For this week’s flashback photo, I give you the 1984 Blue Angels:

These two seemed to be having an especially fun time.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Monday, October 16th, 2006

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders made their debut in 1993 and since become one of the finest squads in the NFL. What many people don’t know is that the DBC aren’t the first cheerleaders to entertain the crowds at the Broncos games. There was a long period of time between the late 70s and early 90s when there were no cheerleaders at all. In fact, it was such a long time, many people forgot (or never even knew) that the Broncos used to have cheerleaders. I was certainly surprised when I found out.

Yes indeedy, the Denver Broncos did have cheerleaders in the 60s and 70s. In the 60s, the were called the Bronco Belles, and in the 70s the team was renamed the Pony Express. And that, my friends, is the sum total of my knowledge on the subject. Thankfully, there are a few photos that haven’t been lost to history. The photo below, courtesy of Jim, our resident Chicago Honey Bears expert, is a picture of the Pony Express frolicking with Mickey Mouse in 1977. That’s right, I said frolicking.

Flashback Photo of the Week

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

How about a change of pace this week? If you think old NFL photos are hard to find, try looking for NBA photos! Even the world famous Laker Girls have been elusive. However, I do have this photo. I don’t know when it’s from, but it has to be at least 15+ years old. Probably more. That for sure isn’t the Staples Center in the background.

Am I the only one who didn’t know that the Laker Girls used to be called the Golden Girls?

Flashback Photo of the Week

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Last week’s flashback photo was a big hit. Several people wrote in and I even received a few more Ben-Gals photos, which I put in the queue for y’all. This was the first time I can recall anyone actually recognizing someone from the weekly flashback. Now, thanks to Ben-Gal Deanna and Ben-Gals Director Charlotte, we’ve identified last week’s Ben-Gal as…drumroll please…Debbie Horn. I don’t know much about her, except at one point she was married to Tracy Jones, who played for the Cincinnati Reds in the late 80s.

This week, I dug into my pile of obscure photos and unearthed these gems from the Green Bay Packers. It’s been 18 years since the Packers Cheerleaders strutted their stuff at Lambeau field (in uniforms very similar to those worn by the Sea Gals in the mid 1980s). Ever since then, the cheer teams from two local colleges have performed cheers and stunts on the sidelines during the Packers’ home games.

Sadly, there are very few Packer Cheerleader photos in existence.
If only the digital camera had been invented 20 years earlier…

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