Q&A: Royal Court Dancer Sasha

Yes, another NBA dancer. I promise I’ll have some NFL Cheerleaders for tomorrow.

Sasha is now in her fourth season as a member of the Royal Court Dancers, the dance team for the Sacremento Kings.

Here’s Sasha’s 2003-04 profile, the Kings don’t have the profiles for this year’s squad online yet.

The Sacramento Observer recently conducted an interview with Sasha:

As the Sacramento Kings gear up for the start of their 2004-05 NBA campaign in the Capital City, there are some difficult assignments a columnist must undertake in order to do his job.

Sasha considers being an African American student at UCD is a more important role model than being a Royal Court Dancer for the Sacramento Kings.
Since management couldn’t find any other male reporter to take on this assignment, I sacrificed my time and attention to other pressing stories to take on this assignment. (Smile)

The Royal Court Dancers, who perform during timeouts at Kings games and Kings events throughout the Sacramento region, are acknowledged as one of the best dance groups in the NBA.

One of the performers, Sasha, is a petite, attractive young African American dancer who is returning for her fourth year on the squad. Just before the Royal Court dancers boarded planes to accompany the Kings on their trip to China for the China Games against the Houston Rockets, Sasha took a break from her practice session at Arco Arena to allow OBSERVER readers to get to know her better.

OBSERVER: What’s the most exciting part of your job as a Royal Court Dancer?

Sasha: Dancing and performing in front of all the audience at ARCO brings out the best in me, so I give it my all every time we perform.

OBSERVER: What gave you the inspiration to become a performer?

Sasha: My oldest sister. I used to watch her since I was a very young girl in the third grade; she did cheerleading, and I tried to copy her moves. She tried out for the Kings dance team and didn’t go to the finals. She was my inspiration.

OBSERVER: When did you get inspired to try out for the Kings dance troupe?

Sasha: When I was in the eighth grade, our basketball team performed at ARCO and we stayed for the game. When I saw the Kings dance group perform, I said that I would like to be on that dance team. Six years later, now I’m on the team.

OBSERVER: Are you an NBA fan, and who is your favorite non-Kings NBA player?

Sasha: I’m really not an NBA fan; however, basketball is my favorite sport. My favorite NBA player is former Kings player Lawrence Funderburke. I met him at a charity event, and he was always so nice and polite.

OBSERVER: Obviously you have a nice figure to be on the Royal Court dance team; what is your favorite food to indulge in when you don’t worry about your figure?

Sasha: Well, I don’t worry about what I eat. I have my dad’s metabolism, so I burn everything off easily. My favorite food is my mom’s fried chicken, and it has to be with white rice. Another favorite of mine is JimBoy’s Tacos.

OBSERVER: You are starting your fourth year with the Royal Court dancers; how long do you plan to continue with the team?

Sasha: This is probably my last year; no I’m pretty positive that this will be my last year. This is a cool job; it’s time to move on. Maybe when I graduate from college next year, I’ll teach dancing. Last Year!

OBSERVER: Do you feel like you are a role model for young African American girls, just like your sister was a role model for you?

Sasha: Yes, I do! Not only to young girls — I feel that I’m more of a role model being an African American student at UCD, where there are so few African American students on campus. I feel that being a student at UCD is a more important role model than being a Royal court dancer.

OBSERVER: Last question. What is your favorite Sacramento restaurant, movie and male singer?

Sasha: Fat’s in Roseville (not in Old Sac); “Coming to America” with Eddie Murphy, favorite movie; and Donel Jones, my favorite singer.

OBSERVER: Thank you!

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